Book Repairs, Binding, Conservation
Custom Slipcases & Boxes

We will help you preserve all your favorite books: cookbooks, reference books, and childhood favorites for lifetimes of reading pleasure. Simple repairs such as hinge tightening, new end papers, corner and spine repair or recasing, can return a book to your collection for years of future use at a reasonable cost.

We specialize in hand binding and repairs of many types of books from paperbacks to cloth bindings, as well as making custom slipcases and clamshell boxes for precious and fragile books and items. All materials used are of archival quality

Some of the services we offer.
The cost of book repair / restoration.
Examples of book damage.

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Custom made slipcases are available in a variety of materials. Slipcases will protect your favorite books from dust and sun damage. They are often requested for books in 2 volume sets, or for larger format softcover books

Rebacking of books can repair broken, damaged and even disconnected spines. Damaged corners and broken hinges can also be easily repaired. Having a childhood favorite or a much used reference book rebacked will keep it whole and will provide years of additional use.

Recasing a book completely replaces the original cover with all new materials, including new endpapers. Even the most worn and damaged book can be rescued for years of further use and enjoyment!

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